Walt Disney World is Not For Kids

Disney ResortNow that I’ve got your attention, first I would like to say that there is no doubt in my mind that Disney World is geared towards kids. What I mean by my title (Disney World is not for Kids) is that there are many “grown up” things to do there as well. As you may well already know, Disney World (located in Orlando, FL) is much more than just a theme park with Mickey Mouse! Many people are surprised when I mention that it consists of:

  • 4 major theme parks
  • 2 water parks
  • Up to 30 world class resorts and hotels
  • A speedway
  • Sport complex
  • Downtown Area with shops, restaurants, and clubs
  • and much more…

I truly believe that the original theme park, Magic Kingdom, is the only park which is geared strictly towards kids. For example, Epcot has a world showcase where you can travel to different countries around the world and experience the culture, shops, food, and attractions. Can you ask for a more perfect date place?

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, they have a real African safari. You can travel in a jeep through miles of savanna and experience African animals just like in the wild. Even though kids would probably go crazy at this attraction, I’m pretty sure adults would too.

Only four of the Disney Resorts are geared towards kids. The other 20 plus resorts are fanatically themed. They have recreation like spas, camping, sailing, bike riding, and much more. They also have some fantastic restaurants (which are not cheap either). But in all honesty, Disney really knows how to appeal to its visitors, of any age. In fact, The Travel Channel has rated Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge number 1 as the most fun family resort in the world!

There are many other things which adults can enjoy at Walt Disney World. Of course I cannot mention everything, however I believe it is clear that “Disney World is not for Kids!”

Well, you know what I mean =)