The Ultimate Money Saving Tip

Disney ResortBrace yourself!!! No, it’s not really that serious, but it is exciting! Note that this tip could be adjusted based on your requirement but the general idea is the same. Well, here we go…

Before I go into my revolutionary article, I’m going to assume a couple of things just for the sake of argument and to better explain the tip:

  • You are staying at a Disney Resort. Disney World is not Disney World if you don’t stay on property. It is a completely different experience and definitely worth the money. Also, if you stay at a Disney Resort, you are permitted extra hours at the parks!
  • You ONLY want to visit the 4 Theme Parks (There is SOOO much to do at Disney World and so little time!)
  • You are staying in Orlando for 4 Days (let’s say Thursday – Sunday).

Now Brace yourself!!! (really…)

  1. STEP 1: Purchase a vacation package with Disney World. Purchase a 4 Day / 3 Night stay at any resort and include the BASE ticket (no park hopper / no-expiration option). Also, include the basic dining package for each person. For the best rates, be sure to purchase your vacation during the wonderful weeks period. During this period, Disney offers discounted rates.Walt Disney World has 3 classes in resorts: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. If you are traveling with kids, it may be a good idea to stay at a Value resort. They are geared towards kids and are much cheaper than the other resorts. The Moderate resorts are perfect for everyone! They are fanatically themed as well as affordable. I recommend staying at the Coronado Springs Resort. If you chose to stay at a Deluxe resort, you will be paying a lot more, however it would be extremely luxurious. I recommend Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is one of the cheaper Deluxe Resorts and probably the best! For more help in choosing a resort, click here… The base ticket option allows you to only visit one park a day. However, since you are there for 4 days and there are 4 theme parks, there are enough things to see and do at each park for the whole day, this works out perfectly! The park hopper option allows you to visit multiple parks in one day. This only works well when you don’t have enough time to enjoy one park a day. The no-expiration ticket means that the ticket will never expire, however in this case, you plan to stay at Disney World for 4 days and use the 4 day tickets.The only addition you will need to add to your BASE ticket is the Dining Plan. Disney World is the #1 vacation spot in the world! Food and drink is a necessity! Put them both together and you get: EXPENSIVE FOOD!! The Dining Plan will allow each person to have a snack, quick service meal (lunch), and a table service meal (dinner) each day at every park.
  2. STEP 2: Plan to arrive in Orlando (or near Disney World) on Wednesday night!Be sure to have reservations at some regular motel just for the night. A simple Sleep Inn or Quality Inn usually works well for us! Make sure it is close to Disney World.
  3. Step 3: Thursday morning; get to your resort by 9 AM.YES, you can check-in at 9 AM! If your room is available, you will be allowed to go. If your room is not available, the concierge will keep your luggage and put it in your room once it’s available.Every day, Disney World selects one park to open 1 hour early and close up to 3 hours later only for resort guests. You can get this schedule when you check in. Be sure to visit the park with extended the hours!You can hop on the Disney bus (free for resort guests) and go to a park.
  4. Step 4: Friday & Saturday; visit the park with extended hours. In the morning, it’s a good idea to ride the big rides because there is little to no wait. By mid afternoon, you should have most of the rides completed. Now would be a good time to go back to resort and relax. Remember, there is also so much to do at the resort! You can go back to the same park and enjoy more.
  5. Step 5: Sunday; you must check out in the morning, however you have the whole day to enjoy the final park. Concierge will hold your luggage for you until night time. After you are done, come back to the resort, grab your luggage and go stay at a regular hotel.
  6. Step 6: On Monday morning, plan to go home. =(Well, that concludes the ultimate money saving tip for your vacation at Disney World. What we’ve come to realize is that this concept is geared more toward families and those who have a limited spending limit. We hope that this article gave you some new ideas and helps you plan your next trip to Disney World.


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  1. jessie says:

    If I already have my ticket to the resort, how do I get this all day food pass to the theme parks once I’m there and is there a list of places to dine at Orlando Studios Island of adventure and SeaWorld?