Disney ResortWe all remember the days when photographers would bombard you immediately after entering a theme park to take your photograph and then having to wait in long lines later that night if you wanted to take a look and decide whether you were going to buy the photograph or not. Thanks to the advancement of technology and Disney’s imagineers, those days are long gone!

Photopass is a free service that allows you to get an unlimited amount of photographs taken by hundreds of professional photographers strategically placed throughout the parks (they are with most of the characters, all of the icons, at the water parks, and many other photographic locations) and then view them absolutely free either at the theme parks or from the comfort of your own home by using the internet. You’ll have thirty days from the day the photos are taken before they get deleted from the system to decide what package works for you. has plenty of products that cater to everyone; you can download JPGs, order a few 5×7 prints, buy a Story Book (a customized Disney photo album with all your favorite characters), or go for the best selling product that Disney has to offer, the photopass cd: For one set price, right now it’s $149, you can get every single photograph that is taken. Here’s the really cool part! When ordering online, you can ad an infinite amount of borders, overlays, and signatures to your photographs, up to three effects per photo. Example: If you had 100 photos taken and ordered the disc online, after adding the special effects to every photo(three times to each one), you would end up with 400 images. You’ll receive the disc with all the original images in one folder and all the edited images in another. I highly encourage you to check out the website.

One last thing! The photographers are all willing to take photographs on your camera. So be sure to go up to the very first photographer you see, ask them to take your picture on both their camera and your camera, and you’ll be set! He or she will hand you your photopass card that you’ll need for the remainder of your trip and that’s that, Disney’s best kept secret!

If you need some additional “Disney Style” photography services, I suggest Vivid Visionz! They are great! They can meet you at your resort / hotel to take your pictures, you can have your own photographer for a an hour or two for park photo sessions, or whatever you want!