Over Planning

Disney ResortPlanning for your Disney World trip is essential to completing all of your favorite activities and having a good time. However, is there such a thing as over planning?

Disney World parks and resorts have so much to offer that there is no way you can do EVERYTHING unless you plan to stay for at least 2 weeks. With this in mind, I suggest planning the following:

  • Resort. Of course you would need to know where you are staying and for how many days.
  • Dining. Reservations should be made for dinner at least.
  • Schedule. Have a general idea about which park(s) you will be visiting on which day.
  • FastPass and Shows. Have a general idea about which rides you want to ride and which shows you want to see. Once you have this, come up with a general plan to efficiently use the FastPass and still see the shows you wish to see.

Once you are in the park, relax and have fun! Remember, at Walt Disney World, just walking from one attraction to another can be entertaining!

One day at the Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland, I had just finished drinking a coke and went to the trash can to throw it away. Once I turned around, I noticed that the trash can burped and said “thanks”. I was confused for a while then noticed it was “ALIVE”!! After a while, a group of about 60 people were around it for about 30 minutes just watching. It was extremely entertaining.

I won’t say much more…. but TRUST ME…. you will have more fun if you just go and let it ride out!