Key to the World Card

Disney ResortI am a huge fan of simplicity. I hate to carry around items and have to worry or be burdened with unnecessary things. If you feel the same way, you will love this post.

Disney World has a guest benefit called a Key to the World Card. When you check into a Disney resort, each guest will be provided a card with their name on it. Your first impression may be that this is just your room key, but it’s much more than that!

You not only use this card to get into your room, it is also your ticket to get into the parks. Once you are in the parks, you can use this card to get your FastPass tickets. When you are at a restaurant at the resort or in a park, you can charge your meal to this card and it will automatically get charged to your room. Now here is the best part… If you are in a store and you purchase something with the card, it will automatically be charged and delivered to your room! So, you can enjoy the parks without any burden and have your souvenirs delivered directly to your room that same day.

You can use your Key to the World card anywhere on Disney property including all resorts and Downtown Disney. It’s the ultimate “HANDS-FREE” vacation experience!