All Star Music

All Star Music ResortMusic, music, and more music! That’s what it’s all about at the All Star Music resort in Walt Disney World. From giant guitar-shaped pools to huge statues of cowboy boots (cowboy boots?), the music fanatic will find everything and more to add a magical touch to his Disney vacation!


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General Information

  • Jazz, rock, and Broadway music styles is the theme at this popular resort
  • Located in the Animal Kingdom resort area
  • Resort category: Value
  • Resort Transportation: Buses
  • Rates: Approximately $99 / night
  • Phone Number: 407-939-6000

Room Information

  • Each room has 2 double beds
  • Each room sleeps up to 4
  • Regular amenities included


Intermission Food Court

  • Various stands cater different items
  • Pizza and a variety of drinks are available to be delivered from 4 P.M. to midnight


Singing Spirits

  • Poolside bar; in the mail pool area


Maestro Mickey’s

  • Located in Melody Hall
  • Character apparel and other general items for sale

Swimming Pool

  • Two regular pools and one kiddie pool
  • One guitar shaped pool and on piano shaped pool


  • There is an arcade available in the resort.


  • Located in the courtyard area