All Star Movies

All Star Movies ResortA celebration indeed! The All Star Movies resorts celebrates five great Disney classics: Toy Story, The Mighty Ducks, Fantasia, 101 Dalmatians, and The Love Bug. Stepping into this resort is truly stepping into the world of Walt Disney!

Swimming with Mickey the Sorcerer in the pool decorations, and even seeing giant statues of Woddy and Buzz Lightyear, you’re sure to have to time of your life at this classic resort!

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General Information

  • The perfect resort for the Disney character fan – a huge attraction for kids
  • Decorated with giant statues of popular characters (dalmations, Woody)
  • Located in the Animal Kingdom resort area
  • Resort category: Value
  • Resort Transportation: Buses
  • Rates: Approximately $99 / night
  • Phone Number: 407-939-7000

Room Information

  • Each room has 2 double beds
  • Each room sleeps up to 4
  • Regular amenities included


World Premiere Food Court

  • Various stands cater different items
  • Pizza and a variety of drinks are available to be delivered from 4 P.M. to midnight


Sliver Screen Spirits

  • Poolside bar; in the main pool area


Donald’s Double Feature

  • Located in Cinema Hall
  • Character apparel and other general items for sale

Swimming Pool

  • Two regular pools and one kiddie pool
  • Fantasia theme for the pool area


  • There is an arcade available in the resort.


  • Located in the courtyard area