Land: Future World  |  The Land Pavilion  |  FastPass: Yes

Catch a hang glider ride and soar over California on this realistic motion simulator. You board on three rows of seats which then rise in the air in front of a giant IMAX projection dome. The feeling of flight is amazing as you glide over sights such as the Golden Gate Bridge, San Diego Bay, Death Valley, and Napa Valley. There are no sudden drops or movements but it’s still a thrilling ride with an explosive ending as you watch fireworks over Disneyland!

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Soarin Soarin Soarin Soarin Soarin Soarin Soarin Soarin

Height Requirement

  • 40″ (102 cm)

Ride Duration

  • 5 minutes


  • Soarin’ is the most popular ride at Epcot. The standby line is usually over an hour. Get there early and get a FastPass before they run out!
  • There are other things to do in the Land Pavilion while you’re waiting for your FastPass time to arrive, including the Living With The Land ride and Circle of Life movie.

Fun Facts

  • This attraction opened first in Disney California Adventure in 2001. Then, it came to Epcot in 2005.
  • Engineer Mark Sumner developed the ride vehicle structure by using an Erector Set.